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Peng Cheng Laboratory (PCL) is a new type of scientific research institution in the field of network communications in China. PCL focuses on the strategic, forward-looking, original scientific research and core technology development in the related fields. PCL is headquartered in Shenzhen, Guangdong, with main research themes in network communication, cyberspace and network intelligence. As an integral part of China’s national strategic scientific and technological initiatives, PCL is committed to serving China’s national developmental scheme in broadband communications, future network, as well as serving its key role in establishing the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, and helping Shenzhen building itself towards a pioneering demonstration zone with Chinese characteristics.

The headquarter of PCL was initially created in March 2018. Up to now, PCL’s headquarter has attracted 31 Academicians, over 160 Fellows of international Professional Societies and national Outstanding Scholars, as well as over 1,800 researchers and engineers of various types. They are employed by PCL in flexible form as full-time and part-time employment as well as under dual-appointment format. PCL is currently undertaking a number of national level scientific research projects and has initially completed the construction of a number of major scientific facilities, including the well-known “Peng Cheng Cloud Brain”. The Lab has been proactively exploring the innovative institutional mechanism drawing on the strength of the “whole-nation system” for promoting pioneering research and advancing core technologies. In particular, PCL has invented the “dual-wheel drives” mechanism to simultaneously building research and development teams with large-scale projects as one drive while launching multiple Academician Labs with cutting-edge exploratory original research as the other drive. PCL has also established a wide range of collaborative relationship with more than 150 universities and research institutions across China and globally, with special intimate partnership with several major universities, research institutions and leading enterprises in Shenzhen.

The initial headquarter of PCL is currently located at Vanke Cloud City, with approximately 144K square meters for offices and facilities. The permanent home base will be located in Shibilong Park, situated at Xili Lake International Science & Education City, with a total planned land area of 136 hectares. The initial construction land is approximately 20 hectares, with a construction area of 408K square meters.

PCL is committed to pursuing breakthroughs in the three research directions in communication, network and intelligence, and dedicated to achieving an ultimate goal of harmonious integration among human society, information space and the physical world. PCL will continue to work towards seamless integration between scientific and technological innovation and institutional mechanism innovation and aim at establishing an interdisciplinary, large-scale collaboration and high-intensity cooperative innovation system with peer institutions in the information field with an open spirit. PCL will proactively undertake large-scale national strategic tasks in scientific and technological development and will make great efforts to serve as a key pillar for the national research power house in the field of information technology.

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