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Codes of Four Open Source Projects Officially Announced on 2019 AITech International Intelligent Technology Summit

Date: 2019-04-21 Source:PCL

    2019 AITech International Intelligent Technology Summit is held by the Artificial Intelligence Industry Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance (AITISA) in Qingdao on April 18. Codes of four open source projects are officially announced on the summit.


    The OpenI platform relies on the PCL’s large-scale supercomputing system to provide infrastructure services that support multiple deep learning frameworks and heterogeneous computing hardware devices such as GPU and NPU, and gradually open the AI computational power and data support for multiple intelligent applications. The community has also set up a training simulation environment to provide a one-stop comprehensive practical environment for large-scale online learners to learn, mark, and evaluate.

OpenI Platform — A New Idea to Break the Bottleneck of China’s AI Development

    Academician Wen Gao, Chairman of AITISA and Director of PCL, pointed out at the summit that China’s AI development faces four bottlenecks: difficulty in system migration, difficulty in adapting hardware, restraint in promotion, and difficulty in developing domestic hardware. The way out is to establish a new platform (OpenI platform), not exclusive to the original platform, and on top of which a basic platform could be added to graft the original sources. A conversion layer is added in between so that the hardware and the platform do not depend on each other. Support for hardware will be standardized in the future with an AI open source standard. 


Code of four open source projects officially announced

    On OpenI platform four infrastructure and framework technology platforms were released on March 7: “Octopus”, “Coral”, “Trustie” and “VisualDL”. At this summit, through the review of intellectual property for internal code and signing of the OpenI Contributor License Agreement CLA, the code of these four open source projects are officially released to the world, in the hope that the developers of the open source community have access to the code of these four projects to develop together in the community.

    Among them, “Octopus” is a cluster management and resource scheduling system contributed by Peng Cheng Lab, which supports AI task running (such as deep learning task) in GPU clusters. Coral is an open project of general management framework for heterogeneous computing devices. Trustie supports social collaborative development, collaborative learning, and collaborative research. VisualDL carries the core function of the Baidu’s PaddlePaddle deep learning framework.


Open source leads the way

    OpenI platform is a solid and reliable infrastructure for China’s artificial intelligence industry and application, and a bridge for industry-university-research cooperation in the development of a new generation of artificial intelligence. It is the best choice for the development of AI industry and applications worldwide. This platform will stay open and free forever.

    The mission of the OpenI platform is to become China’s top research platform and the international top three AI open source community. Openness is the principle of this OpenI platform. The participation of more social forces will bring a steady stream of vitality to China’s artificial intelligence development.


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