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The 4th PCL Academician Forum Held

Date: 2019-06-19 Source:

The 4th PCL Academician Forum was held on June 19. Academician Qinping Zhao of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and Academician Zhiming Zheng of the Chinese Academy of Sciences were invited to share their research findings and experiences.

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In his keynote speech on “Virtual Human Body: The Ultimate Goal of Virtual Reality”, Academician Qinping Zhao introduced the concept of virtual human body. It is a digital human body constructed by dynamic and static data that are collected from real human body and modeled through geometry, physics, physiology and intelligence. The physiological model of human body, human brain and its intelligent feature model are the ultimate research goals of the virtual human body. Simulation of the microsecond process and simulation of the billions brain neuron system are huge challenges to the computing capability. In the future, virtual human body could be widely used in medical research, development of new drugs, virtual surgery, and expected to have a subversive impact on medicine.

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Academician Zhiming Zheng delivered a report on big data, in which he elaborated the iconic progress of modern science since Newton era. He analyzes the scientific issues behind the research of big data, the main research methods and contradictions. By analyzing the application cases, he introduced the scientific modeling methods and value of big data.

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More than 150 researchers from local universities and PCL attended the forum and everyone is inspired by the two keynote speeches.

“PCL Academician Forum” is a top academic forum hosted by PCL. Its keynote speakers are academicians of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and the Chinese Academy of Sciences who will share cutting-edge scientific information with PCL peer researchers.

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