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"AI + Finance Joint Laboratory" By PCL and WeBank Unveiled

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On August 5th, the “AI + Finance Joint Laboratory” co-founded by the Peng Cheng Laboratory (PCL) and WeBank was officially unveiled at the headquarters of WeBank.


At the ceremony, Director Wen Gao stressed that the cooperation between PCL and WeBank in the field of AI is of indispensable strategic significance. PCL has built Peng Cheng Cloud Brain Open Source Platform with advanced computing power in the field of AI scientific research, which will support the research, development, testing and application of artificial intelligence with its distinctive advantages and remarkable strategic status of development. In addition, the AI team of WeBank has an international influence in the field of "AI + Finance" with its world-leading academic and scientific achievements. With future R&D advancement from the joint laboratory, both parties will provide important opportunities to accelerate the development of AI + finance and achieve mutual benefit and a win-win cooperation.


By taking advantage of the open and collaborative spirit of the joint lab and the development opportunity of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, Chairman Min Gu of WeBank expects the “AI + Finance Joint Laboratory” to achieve more in the underlying algorithms and the research of FinTech. Focusing on solving the acute problems in the living and development of small enterprises and the public, the lab is expected to promote vigorously the implementation of application scenarios and innovation of business models, and further establish an international innovation base for artificial intelligent application in finance.


According to Prof. Qiang Yang, the “AI + Finance Joint Laboratory” is committed to the following collaborative research of the AI + Finance field: 1) The research and application of the joint AI modeling ecology based on federated transfer learning; 2) Research and application of the new generation human-computer interaction technology centering on financial services; 3) Research and application of the accurate decision-making of AI. Prof. Yang asserted that he will continue the cooperation with PCL as WeBank has already opened on OpenI Platform the source of its star project "OpenI Latitude". The project is a set of federated study calculation tool that is capable of using multi-party data and joint modeling while satisfying user data security and legal compliance requirements. This will help to eliminate the potential safety risk by large-scale AI training of financial information and other sensitive data.


The laboratory will aggregate resources to construct an industry-academic-research-application collaborative model focusing on the basic and cutting-edge research of artificial intelligence and the applications in the financial industry.

WeBank: the first domestic non-governmental bank, founded by Tencent and other famous enterprises, obtained the financial license issued by the China Banking Regulatory Commission, Shenzhen in December 2014. The bank is dedicated to provide the general public and small enterprises with differentiative, distinctive, convenient and high-quality financial services.

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