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Springer Nature Group visited PCL

Date: 2020-08-12 Source:PCL

On August 12, 2020, a delegation from Springer Nature Group headed by Dr. Xiaohong Yang, Scientific Director of Springer Nature for Greater China and Executive Editor of Nature Research journals, visited Peng Cheng Laboratory (PCL), along with Tianhai Jiang, Director of Government and Policy Affairs of Springer Nature for Greater China, and Digital Science Business Development Director Jie Bai. The two sides exchanged ideas on possible international cooperation related to journals, databases, training, and academic conferences. 


Dr. Yang of the Springer Nature Group first introduced the development history of the Group and their rich resources in scientific research journals and data. She expressed the desire that in the future, the two sides will give full play to the scientific research advantages of each side, and jointly explore the potential international cooperation.


PCL’s Director Professor Wen Gao emphasized that PCL has been taking the establishment of an open, inclusive and international scientific research cooperation platform as one of the major development goals, in a hope that PCL will develop a wide range of cooperation and exchanges with more and more domestic and international top scientific research institutions and enterprises to better showcase PCL’s scientific research outcomes. Deputy Director Professor Chang-Wen Chen briefly introduced the general situation of PCL since its establishment more than two years ago, and stressed that as a new type of scientific research institution, PCL has been endeavoring to create a good scientific research environment while strengthening the innovation mechanism to promote academic exchanges and cooperation. It is expected that PCL will continue to strengthen exchanges and cooperation with domestic and international outstanding scientific research institutions, laboratories and enterprises.


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