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PCL Held the 3rd Session of the Meeting for Board of Governors

Date: 2020-09-26 Source:PCL

The third session of the first Board of Governors of Peng Cheng Laboratory (PCL) was successfully held on September 25, 2020. The meeting was hosted by Rugui Chen, Chairman of PCL Board of Governors and Mayor of Shenzhen. This meeting was also attended by Shenzhen Vice Mayor Xinping Nie, PCL Director Professor Wen Gao, SUSTECH President Professor Shiyi Chen, and Professor Liu Yunjie, Chief Scientist for PCL’s Communication and Networking Research Center, as well as other Members of the Board.


This session not only served as a comprehensive summary of PCL’s rapid development during the last three years, but also serves as a timely forward looking at a historic junction for PCL to make a fully-fledged plan to move ahead in the new phase of transformation into a National Lab. At the meeting, PCL’s Director Professor Wen Gao, Executive Deputy Director Peng Zou, and Assistant Director Zhongwen Zheng reported, respectively, on the major progresses that PCL has made, including progresses in scientific projects, as well as revenues and expenditures. The Board of Governors carefully considered the seven topics in the agenda and put forward many constructive opinions and suggestions to further strengthen PCL’s new development in the future.


At the end, Chairman Rugui Chen concluded the meeting with five constructive suggestions. First, he affirmed that PCL has witnessed thriving development under the leadership of Director Gao, and with the joint efforts of members of the Board of Governors and the PCL’s management team. PCL’s rapid development mirrors the speed, quality and innovation of Shenzhen. Second, PCL should focus on high-tech industries and core technologies, aiming at achieving the objectives of international leader’s position, and building the national strategic power in science and technology. Third, PCL shall continue to adhere to the goal-oriented and problem-oriented principles to boldly explore and seek breakthroughs in management systems and mechanisms, especially in the talent teams building. Meanwhile, PCL should also take advantage of possible deep integration of industry, university and research, in order to build a new whole-nation system for advancing the core technology. Fourth, PCL shall accelerate the construction of the permanent home base in Shibilong Park and the “Peng Cheng Cloud Brain” large-scale scientific facility with high standard and high quality. Finally, he emphasized that it is necessary to proactively strengthen the relationship with state and provincial government agencies to undertake more national scale scientific research projects, and produce more innovative research findings. He pledged sincerely that the Shenzhen Municipal Government will offer their full support to PCL to become a world-class scientific research institution.


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