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The First PCL Forum for Overseas Youth Talents

Date: 2019-04-01 Source:PCL

    The First PCL Forum for Overseas Young Talents was successfully held during March 31 to April 1. More than 60 young scholars from Stanford University, Oxford University, Imperial College of Science and Technology and the National University of Singapore gathered at PCL to do academic report and topical discussions on the results of frontier research fields.


    At the opening ceremony, representatives from Shenzhen Human Resources and Social Security Bureau and the Talent Division of Shenzhen Municipal Party Committee unanimously expressed that the Shenzhen will continue provide talent policies to encourage overseas talents to come to Shenzhen.


    The Turing Award winner, Academician John E. Hopcroft, stated in his opening speech that artificial intelligence research will become an extremely important part of the information revolution in the 21st century. Shenzhen's creative environment will attract more outstanding talents, who will achieve high levels of success in the field of artificial intelligence through their talents and efforts.

04.JPG    23 overseas young scholars shared academic reports on their research achievements, covering topics of artificial intelligence, big data, IoT, autonomous driving, etc. In addition, several invited scholars shared their latest academic achievements by exhibiting academic posters.



    The scholars conducted in-depth communication with PCL’s research centers and academician centers, and visited some of the strategic partners of PCL. 


    As a national-level strategic S&T force that leads the future S&T development, PCL actively explores the operations and innovation mechanisms of scientific research, and cooperates with famous universities, research institutes and related enterprises to share resources, pool talents, and fully utilize the infrastructure and scientific research achievements. Outstanding young scholars at home and abroad are welcome to join PCL to create a better future with us.

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