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PCL Joins Linaro as Associate Member to Promote Autonomous Eco System

Date: 2019-04-01 Source:PCL

    On April 1 at the Linaro Connect Summit for Developers in Bangkok, PCL announced to join Linaro as an Associate Member. After four months’ negotiation, the two parties has reached agreement on key issues. The Cooperation Agreement was signed on the Summit and Researcher Guo Changguo, the representative of PCL, introduced PCL, the mode and content of future collaboration with Linaro at the Summit.


    Linaro Ltd., the open source collaborative engineering organization, leads collaboration in the Arm ecosystem and helps companies work with the latest open-source technology. The company has over 300 engineers working on more than 70 open source projects, developing and optimizing software and tools, ensuring smooth product roll outs, and reducing maintenance costs. Work happens across segments including datacenter & cloud, edge & fog, IoT & embedded, consumer, machine intelligence, telecom & networking, autonomous vehicles, and high performance computing. Linaro is distribution neutral: it wants to provide the best software foundations to everyone by working upstream, and to reduce non-differentiating and costly low-level fragmentation. 

    PCL will deploy its research achievement of “Arm + Linux” on Chinese computer system and provide it to the downstream enterprises or integrator via IssS and PaaS to promote the application of the technological system of “Arm + Linux”.

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