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Delegation Headed by Business Director of Quebec Government in Shanghai & Shenzhen Genevieve Rolland Visited PCL

Date: 2019-04-11 Source:PCL

    The business director of the Quebec government in Shanghai & Shenzhen and deputy consul of the Canadian Consulate General in Shanghai Genevieve Rolland and Innovation Commissioner Xiaoyi Wang of the Quebec Office in Shanghai and the Business Officer Nan Liu of the Quebec Business Office in Shenzhen visited PCL on April 10.


    The delegation visited the exhibition hall of the Lab to learn about its development history, organizational structure, academic direction and development planning. Deputy Director of the Lab briefed Genevieve Rolland on the development orientation, research directions of each research centers, and its international cooperation in the related fields. 


    Officer from the Quebec Office in Shanghai introduced the basic information of Quebec, the advantages and R&D investment in the field of information engineering, the joint development and funding projects of Quebec and the Ministry of Science and Technology of China. The two sides discussed on potential cooperation and hoped to establish close ties in the future.

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