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Registration for “Peng Cheng Cup” Cybersecurity Competition

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With the wide application of information technology and the rise of cyberspace, cyberspace security is facing more and more serious risks and challenges. In order to thoroughly implement the strategy of strengthening the network and to accelerate the pace of cultivating multi-level talents for network and information security, PCL and Cybersecurity Association of China jointly sponsored the “Peng Cheng Cup” Cyber Security Competition, co-organized by Guangzhou University. This competition uses the cyber range independently developed by PCL as the competition platform. The cyber range is an important infrastructure for network attack and defense drills and evaluation of network new technology to improve the stability, security and performance of networks and information systems. The cyber range developed with technologies such as virtualization, software-defined network, virtual reality interconnection, network security detection & analysis will provide players with a highly simulated competition platform that can replace the real network environment to assess the attack & defense capabilities and the comprehensive skills of the players.

Preliminary: Online Problem Solving

Time: 14:00 on December 1st -14:00 on December 2nd.

Type of competition: it’s an online CTF type competition in this stage, which covers several items in the network security technical categories such as Web penetration, binary vulnerability exploitation, password analysis, forensic analysis, reverse analysis, security programming, and penetration testing. The entrant scores by obtaining the Flag in the title and passing the system’s verification.
40 teams will be selected out from the online problem-solving competition for the offline attack and defense.

Final: Offline Attack and Defense


Location: Peng Cheng Laboratory

Competition Type: offline team competition. The topic on the defensive machine is open to remote attack, mainly for Web and PWN types. The interval of repeated attacked is 5 minutes per round. In the same round, one team can only attack each defensive machine of the other team once. All the teams that successfully attack the defensive machine can divide its lost points. The scoring details are shown in the scoring rules. When defending, teams should not use the infriged measures to escape the attacks from other teams. Once found, the team will be deducted the defensive points for and other defensive teams to split.


Since the competition was organized, it has received strong support from experts, teachers and enterprises in the industry. The competition organization committee, technical committee, supervision committee and other professional authoritative organizations composed of technical experts in the industry, teachers from colleges and universities, and event organizers have provided strong support for the competition. They will continue to ensure the fairness and openness of events.

Registration for the competition is still open till Nov. 28th, 2018. Please follow the competition website and our wechat public account as well as microblog for more information.


Competition website:

Wechat Public Account: 鹏城网络安全研究中心

Sina Microblog: @鹏城实验室网络安全研究中心

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