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We cordially invite you to apply for possible oral presentation opportunity at the upcoming 2019 Overseas Young Scientist Forum organized by the Peng Cheng Laboratory (PCL). We believe your current research topics are closely related to the broad range of high profile research activities that are currently conducted at PCL. Through this Forum, we aim to recruit the most outstanding young talents to PCL. Together, we work towards the ultimate goal of becoming one of the new generation of National Laboratories.

PCL was established in 2018 and is fully supported by Guangdong and Shenzhen government. We offer excellent research environments and ample funding to young researchers to carry out top-notch competitive research. We aim at making groundbreaking contributions to all areas of information science and technology, including artificial intelligence, communication and networking, cyberspace security, robotics and quantum computing, etc.

Please submit your CV and all required information via our online system by March 1 for full consideration. The approved outstanding candidates will be informed to present their research at this Forum by March 15.


Forum Schedule: March 30~April 1

Registration Date: March 30

Date of the Forum: Mar 31

Discussion and Visit: April 1

(a) Free accommodation and lodging will be provided;

(b) All invited participants need to book their own tickets (economy class). We will provide travel reimbursement for the actual cost of tickets between March 15-April 15 (maximum CNY15,000 per person for American/European/Australian countries, maximum CNY10,000 per person for Asian countries).


The approved candidates will be offered international travel support (economy class tickets) and local expenses. All selected candidates need to book their own tickets. We will provide reimbursement for the actual cost of tickets for travel dates between March 15-April 15 for up to CNY15,000 per person for attendees from American/European/Oceania countries, and up to CNY10,000 per person for attendees from Asian countries.


The forum will be held at Vanke Cloud City, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China

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