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PCL Co-organizes OS2ATC Focusing on Integration of AI & System Software

Date: 2018-12-16 Source:PCL


    On December 16, 2018, the sixth Open Source Operating System Annual Technical Conference (OS2ATC) 2018 was held in Zhejiang University, jointly organized by Technical Committee of System Software, Pervasive Computing, Zhejiang University, Peking University, Tsinghua University, Peng Cheng Laboratory, Alibaba Cloud Computing Co., Ltd. The conference includes five seminars on "AI System", "Operating System and Distributed System", "Virtualization System", "System & Rust Language", and "RISC-V System". Qingbo Wu, principal investigator of the Independently Controllable Ecological Environment Project of PCL presided the “AI System” seminar. 


    The researcher from Microsoft Research Asia Fan Yang introduced the deeply customized and optimized artificial intelligence cluster management platform — OpenPAI (Open Platform for AI) for deep learning. Liangliang He, Head of the XiaoMi Mobile AI Compute Engine (MACE), introduced XiaoMi's research on deep learning at the equipment end. CTO of Thunder Soft Pengcheng Zou introduced the research status, the important aspect and application scenario of their research in intelligent technology from the perspective of intelligent terminals. Dr. Haifeng Liu, Chairman of Leinao, introduced their construction cases of the brain platform of the Chinese University of Science and Technology. Bo Gong from the iFLYTEK introduced the status quo of technology empowerment and prospects for future development trends in artificial intelligence of the University of Science and Technology from the perspective of the localization platform. 

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