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OpenI AI Open-Source Platform Officially Launched

Date: 2019-03-07 Source:PCL

    On March 7, 2019, the community infrastructure and working environment of OpenI platform are announced open to the public to provide service of open source project on the ceremony held by Artificial Intelligence Industry Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance (AITISA) in Qingdao.

   OpenI (Open-Intelligence) artificial intelligence open source platform initiated by AITISA is a convergence platform of industry, learning, research and implementation. The platform aims to promote open source and open collaborative innovation in the field of artificial intelligence, build OpenI’s technological, innovative and ecological chain, promote the healthy and rapid development of artificial intelligence industry and its wide application in various social and economic fields. 


    OpenI platform assists the new generation of major AI projects to enter the community ecology and helps to improve new generation AI deployment by opening the community operation. OpenI Community is an important achievement based on the Peng Cheng Cloud Brain Project, the R&D method of Trustie Group’s from the National Development and Technology University, and the DevCloud project. It provides open source community incubation service, including collaborative development, code management, automated testing, etc. for open source AI projects.

    The community also relies on “Peng Cheng Cloud Brain-1” to provide infrastructure services that support multiple deep learning frameworks and different hardware devices. It also provides a large amount of data sets that are indispensable for algorithm research, and gradually opens up basic computing power and data support for artificial intelligence. The community website:

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