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    The Research Center for Quantum Computing (CQC), launched in December 2018, is one of the research centers in the Peng Cheng Laboratory. At the core of its vision, the Center aims to develop transformative theories and technologies that help to deliver a future of quantum computing and aims to enable Chinese citizens to use quantum machine and learn about quantum computing programming. The Center is led by Prof. Dapeng YU, who is the Head of Quantum Science and Engineer Innovation Team of the Provincial Pearl River Talent Plan, as well as the winner of Changjiang Scholar Award, Ministry of Education (2002). The Center has attracted talents worldwide with over 60 full-time staff, joint professors, research scientists and students. The Center currently runs the project of Quantum Algorithms and Software Cloud. Key areas of research span quantum computing algorithms, software & cloud platform, programming languages, microarchitecture, simulator and quantum hardware control algorithms. These interdisciplinary studies make the CQC an ideal stage where quantum computing theoretical scientists work together to bring revolutionary quantum technologies to citizens.

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