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The Cyberspace Security Research Center focuses on the core cybersecurity issues of three levels: “autonomy and controllability” (intrinsic security), “network security” (process security) and “application security” (content security). 

First, “autonomy and controllability” means that the related issues are studied on the basis of an autonomous and controllable ecological environment, and the intrinsic security issues and those of the underlying platform are solved. Second, “network security” means that issues related to the “attack and defense measurement, control, management and evaluation” of cyberspace and process security issues are solved by simulating large-scale complex network environments in which the simulation of real network attack and defense drills, in-depth analysis and network situation presentation are carried out. Third, “application security” research focuses on the confidentiality, integrity and availability of different network information transmissions, such as industrial control network security. 

Through research into a series of major scientific issues, the Cyberspace Security Research Center aims to make breakthroughs in major core theoretical issues in the field of cybersecurity, safeguard national cybersecurity, promote the development of the network information industry, lead future academic development directions and serve the national cybersecurity strategy.



  • Fang Binxing
  • Zhang Weizhe
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